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Job posting Department name Posting time
>Sales manager/large customer manager (Foshan/Langfang/Suzhou, multiple openings) October 30, 2017
Job description: 1.Be responsible for the development and follow-up of customers in the affiliated region (Southern China, Northern China, Eastern China) and industry sector, discover or capture project opportunities to facilitate the successful signing of projects.2. Be responsible for project negotiation, project implementation, customer relationship maintenance and payment collection in the later stage, and handle the successful completion of overall sales work.3. Analyze sales data, discover rules and abnormality, and then formulate sales strategy and customer strategy;  4.Be responsible for the customer marketing expansion plan of the target industry in the affiliated region, collect and master market dynamic information of competitors, and provide constructive suggestions for the development of the company.

Post requirements: 1. Formal full-time junior college degree or above credentials; preference given to people of 23-35 years of age;  2.  More than 2 years of relevant work experience, with outstanding sales performance;   3. Customer resources being focused in the civil and office furniture industries, with at least one of the following industry backgrounds: (1) background in industrial decoration or home decoration; (2) woodworking equipment (such as Haomai/BEASEE/Nanxing/SCM) sales experience; (3) furniture industry suppliers, such as plate, paint, hardware accessories and so on;   4. Sales experience of media customers oriented to the furniture industry can also be considered: experience in home furnishing magazines (e.g., Custom Home), industry exhibition organization companies, industry network platforms and industry associations;  5. Excellent interpersonal skills, effective communication ability and ability to tackle key problems;  6. Be able to get used to frequent business trips.
>Production manager/workshop director (Foshan, Guangdong) October 30, 2017
Job requirements:Be responsible for the overall management of production tasks: progress, quality, per capita work efficiency.

Post description:1.Be responsible for the overall management of production site, complete production tasks according to delivery schedule;  2. Be responsible for the management and control of production quality, implement self inspection and mutual inspection of the production system;  3. Improve production technology, continuously improve production efficiency through process optimization and equipment modification;  4. Effectively control production costs and perform structural analysis and control of production cost, improve work efficiency and reduce wear and tear and wasting through management;  5. Be responsible for fire fighting, safety, health, occupational health and environmental protection management in the factory;  6. Be responsible for the formation and personnel training of the production team, and evaluation of the subordinates.

Post requirements: 1. Junior college or above degree, majoring in forestry, electromechanical or related field;  2. Age of 28~36 years old, with more than 5 years of management experience in the furniture industry, good at production team management;  3. Preference will be given to those who have management experience in the field of plate furniture or painting;  4.  Special work abilities: strong execution ability, practical management style, leading by example, having strong drive in response to order peak and complex projects;  5. Be good at learning and be able to keep up with industry upgrades (equipment upgrading/environmental protection upgrading/technology upgrading).
>Equipment manager (Suzhou company/Langfang company/Foshan factory, reserve) October 30, 2017
Post description: 1.Carry out daily repair, upgrade and maintenance of equipment;  2. Propose suggestions or plans for multiple failures or potential safety hazards of equipment;  3. Participate in the preparation and correction of equipment safe operation procedures, stop operations of equipment that are against regulations during the use of equipment, and guide work;  4. Quickly process requests for repair of general failures and make records;  5. Apply for purchase of the necessary equipment and accessories and be responsible for the acceptance.

Post requirements: 1.More than three years of experience as an electrician, degree from secondary specialized school or above, majoring in mechanical, electromechanical, automation and other related specialties;  2. More than two years of experience as an electrician/mechanic/equipment management worker in furniture factories, be familiar with woodworking equipment, coating equipment and grinding equipment, understand the repair and maintenance of edge bonding machines, electric saws, electric abrasive finishing machines, processing centers and central vacuums;  3. Be familiar with the daily repair and maintenance of plant equipment, guide work; be familiar with maintenance of equipment at three levels;   4. Be active in work and compliant to arrangement.
>Director/Manager of the Legal Department October 30, 2017
Post description: 1. Assist external lawyers in preparing relevant legal documents of major projects such as group investment and financing, merger and acquisition, etc., participate in preparing legal documents, due diligence and risk control;  2. Organize the lead and eventual implementation of work of due diligence and law on major projects such as group investment and financing, merger and acquisition and others;  3. Go through the formalities and prepare documents for the  company's establishment, change, capital increase and other activities;  4. Assist the permanent legal counsel of the company to handle daily contract management of the company;  5. Assist the permanent legal counsel of the company to deal with the legal support of the company's business projects;   6. Assist the permanent legal counsel of the company to handle the supporting work of the legal affairs involved in the relevant functional departments of the company (human resources, procurement, finance) and so on;   7. Legal affairs related to intellectual property rights: patent application and change, intellectual property rights protection and patent litigation.

Post requirements:1. Male or female, 25 to 35 years old, more than 5 years of legal experience in corporate investment and financing, full time bachelor degree or above, majoring in law, preference will be given to those who have experience with listed companies;  2. Be familiar with the various laws and regulations required by companies on a daily basis, such as the contract law, company law, intellectual property law, civil procedure law, labor contract law and so on, and understand the common treaties on the protection of intellectual property rights;  3. Be able to travel on business;  4. Strong communication ability, meticulous logical thinking ability;  5. High work efficiency and strictly result oriented.

>Management trainees (multiple openings) October 30, 2017
Post requirements: Junior college degree or above, be capable of hard work, diligent, having a strong sense of responsibility and motivated and enterprising.Develop training plans, training direction is for sales, project management, production, technology and other posts.

1. Training objectives: Aleco Group's 2017 management trainee program is the Group's first special recruitment of management trainees geared to elites with junior college or above degrees from non key colleges, majoring in engineering, with 1-3 years of work experience, motivated and with strong gaols, help the trainees assume key management posts or technical posts after 1-2 years of systematic training and become qualified for the company middle level management position and become the backbone of the future development of the Aleco Group after 3-5 years of accumulation of management experience.

2. Training methods: Develop comprehensive ability through site internship and job rotation, develop training programs for employees with potentials to produce reserve talent for sales, project management, production, technology and other posts.The job locations of the management trainees are nationwide.

3. Recruitment requirements: junior college or above degree, preference will be given to science and engineering majors, 1 to 3 years of work experience.Be capable of working hard, diligent, having a strong sense of responsibility and motivated and enterprising.

4. Training period: 6 months, with an emphasis on making arrangements  for post rotations  of 3-4 posts in workshops, the project sites or technical positions.

5. The training plan:  The training is divided into corporate culture, big customer marketing, company introduction, technology and process, field management, basic training in powder coating and powder spraying, sales skills training, professional skills and office skills, basic knowledge in finance, marketing of features, company system and career planning, machine practice operating method, common problem handling and powder spraying practical operating skills, operating principle and operation specification of woodworking machinery, troubleshooting of common problems, daily maintenance, emergency treatment of equipment problems, principle and development of electrostatic powder spraying, basic knowledge of artificial board, customer service awareness, safety production training and other courses.