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Cross field innovation of combined coating equipment, powder coating and spraying technology triggers reform of technology.
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Product advantages
Zero VOCs and none detectable formaldehyde in the products, cost reduction, high property of scratch resistance, heat resistance, waterproof, richness in decorative effects, and 99% high yield.
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Zero VOCs and zero
formaldehyde content
Organic solvents are not used to eliminate VOCs emissions from the original source. Infrared curing completely volatilizes free formaldehyde.
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The world leading provider of furniture panel coating solutions
meeting environmental protection requirements
Completely eliminate all VOCs and formaldehyde pollution in the furniture industry with
“environmental protection black technology”
About Aleco
Fifty years ago, electrostatic powder spraying technology was introduced in metal coating. It completely subverted the conventional solvent based coating technology.
Twenty years ago, Europeans began to apply the technology to wood based panels.
Today, Aleco Technology has resolved a number of world-class problems of easy cracking of the edge of the wood-based panel and the mirror dimming effect,developed
overall solutions of low temperature electrostatic powder spraying of wood-based panels and created a completely new technology roadmap--
“solvent to powder” that replaces solvent based coatings.
Zero VOCs, zero formaldehyde, environmental protection
black technology, Intelligent manufacturing
——Opens a new chapter of "solvent to powder"
Technical advantages
Overcome two major hurdles in powder spraying technology on wood-based panels, increase the yield of good products up to 99%.
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Coating equipment
Automated production: increase per capita productivity and unit area work efficiency by 4-5 times Environmental protection equipment: meet the most stringent environmental protection inspection
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Powder coating
Strategic cooperation with Allnex, a German company and the largest coating resin supplier in the world, ensures outstanding performance of coating products
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Spraying technology
Four unique coating techniques of pre-treatment of edge banding, electrostatic spraying, infrared baking and cooling packing
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Furniture design
Targeting Chinese people's aesthetic view, we developed products with mirror effect high gloss and customized high definition effect of surface pattern that are matching different application scenarios
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Demonstration base
Achieved nationwide plant layout in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions, and created Aleco Inside dual mode of technolgy upgrade in large furniture manufacturing companies and industry park to centralize pollution governance in furniture distribution centers
  • Aleco Foshan Demonstration Plant
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  • Aleco Langfang Demonstration Plant
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  • Aleco Wujiang Demonstration Plant
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